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Welcome to Pronunciation Bites!


My name is Marina Cantarutti. I am a graduate EFL teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a "Krachuan" perspective, I would be a member of the "expanding circle" and I am, most certainly, a non-native speaker of English, if we go by the usual "native"/"non-native" distinction (which we may problematise in this blog at a later stage!)

I have done a specialisation course in English Phonetics and Phonology, and I am now completing my specialisation in Discourse Analysis, as well as my MA in English with an orientation towards Socio-Pragmatics. I teach English and I lecture in Phonetics at Teacher Training College and in some Translation Programmes as well.

This blog is an attempt to give some academic shape to many of the reflections each and every lesson stirs in me, to all the questions and answers that mostly take place in my head every time I teach pronunciation and to also collect and categorise different pronunciation-related resources I find on the web.
Hope you find this spot useful!

(Liverpool and I - March 2014)

(London & I, March 2014)

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