Reflections in Passing

Reflections and thoughts off the top of my head, inspired on classroom experiences. Generally un-edited and spontaneous, these podcast-y or written posts explore some of my own pronunciation teaching and learning quandaries.

Some Phon Bits I have learned lately: Part 1 -- Part 2

Phonetics for Linguists, Phonetics for Teachers
Podcast-y post #2: Your accent, your Patronus - Yet another reflection in passing
A PS to my latest post: Pronunciation goals and models - Part 2: What the experts sayA PS to my latest post - Part 1: Pronunciation Goals and Questions
Reflections in passing: Why emulating a native-like accent may not (always?) help
Further thoughts on listening comprehension
"Occupational Hazard": Intonation and Comprehension - Another set of observations in passing

The "Voldermort Effect" of second/foreign language learning: Another reflection in passing

"Non-Native" Accents and Chastisement: Reflection in passing
Analysing "errors": My "shame" list
Summer School in English Phonetics: 4 years later. An exploration of my own intonation.

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