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Hi! Thanks for visiting this blog. My name is Marina Cantarutti, and I am an EFL teacher, an MA in English Language, and very soon, a PhD in Language and Communication. I'm Argentinian and I've been living in the UK since 2016.

This blog has mutated quite a bit since its inception.

I started it in 2014 to write about my (mis)adventures, ideas, thoughts, when lecturing in Practical Phonetics at four Teacher Training Colleges in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The period 2014-2016 was by far the most prolific one, and you can see how my EFL teacher background was all over the place.

I moved to the UK to start my PhD in Language and Communication at the University of York and start a career in research. My profile has shifted since, and I have been on and off teaching pronunciation for EFL purposes, and very active in teaching Phonetics in Language and Linguistics programmes. The time pressures of the PhD and my shifting identity are also easy to trace in my (less frequent) posts since 2016.

I cannot predict how long this blog will keep running, or what its future nature will be, but you can expect Pronunciation Bites to be a space full of reflection and of passion for all things phonetics.

My Scoop.it and Tagpacker collections of pronunciation and phonetics resources are always available and increasing, and my Facebook page remains active. See you there!

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