martes, 19 de mayo de 2015

Podcast-y post #2: Your accent, your Patronus - Yet another reflection in passing

Some time ago, I recorded my first podcast on accents and the"Voldemort effect". Here's another post/ramble, unedited, heart-to-mind, mind-to-heart talk, of this complex feature of attaining, sustaining, and more importantly, owning and loving your accent.

It was inspired by my teacher trainees in their last year, and the challenges I find while teaching these advanced students.

Usual pre - listening warnings (I am a teacher, after all, and I am my own teacher, as well):
I have mispronounced "Patronus". I should have probably pronounced it: /pə'trəʊnəs/. Plus, there are a few choices in word stress, nucleus placement, tone and tonality which I would have made differently. A few " dysfluencies" as well, sorry to say!

As usual, many of these posts emerge as "reflections in passing", almost through a "stream of consciousness" technique, and editing this post would have meant spoiling the spontaneity of this moment of realisation, and thought.

So here it goes. Hope you will enjoy it.

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